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Why Use QR Codes?

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Effectively manage and control products and inventory with a simple QR Code. Store a large amount of information in one small location that you can retrieve instantly with your smartphone.

QR Codes for Promotion

A QR code can be integrated into almost any type of printed material. Any organization can make use of QR codes to their benefit.

QR Codes & Logistics Management

QR codes are the perfect solution for inventory control since the code can provide the attributes of an item such as its number, colour, size and any other information deemed necessary.

How to Create Free QR Codes?

Try our 5-step process to get your free QR code in a few seconds.

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Where can QR Codes be applied to?

The various applications for QR codes include the following:

Loyalty & product marketing

Mobile couponing

Product tracking

Promotion management

Item identification

Job advertisements

Commercial tracking

Transport & entertainment ticketing

General marketing

Time tracking

Personal information storage

Much more!

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